The Division 2 New Expansion Detail Leaked

new expansion for The Division 2 is expected to be unveiled soon. According to leaks, the upcoming expansion could be called 'Warlords of New York.'Read more click on link below

Stadia Base Coming This Year

Google vice president Phil Harrison said that the company is planning to launch a free version of Stadia later in 2020 called 'Stadia Base'. Besides that, there were no other details shared

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PlayStation Adds NBA 2K20 And Soul Calibur VI To PS4 Tournaments

In August last year, PlayStation announced its PS4 Challenger Series online tournaments with Mortal Kombat 11. Now as per a blog announcement, they've added NBA 2K20 and Soul Calibur into the mix, making the total to 4 games in the Challenger Series

Dead Cell is now coming for Android

Dead Cells will be coming to Android in Q3 2020, according to a tweet by Playdigious. Playdigious is the same studio that worked on the iOS port of the game. The tweet also mentions that the studio is working on getting the updates for the mobile version lined up with the PC/console versions.

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